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Learn to Bunt in Baseball

Not what the coach had hoped for. Not what you had hoped for. You are feeling down and wishing the coach had never called for the bunt. You know you have let your team down. Why did he ask me to bunt? I can hit the ball and I was due. I would have been the hero.

Do you ever want this to happen you? No, everybody wants to be the hero. The game was close and the coach knew that even good hitters only get a hit three out of ten times. A good bunter can lay down a sacrifice bunt eight out of ten times. So get prepared. Learn the proper mechanics of bunting and practice, practice, and more practice. If you get that bunt down and get the game tied up, you would have been the hero. They would have called you a great team player.

Bunting a baseball is a skill that all players can master. Not all players can hit with power, or hit for a high batting average. But bunting is a baseball tool that every player should have. There are no good excuses for not knowing how to bunt. And once you learn how to get a good sacrifice bunt down, you might even learn to bunt for a hit. Being able to get on base by bunting will help your batting average rise significantly. Strive to be a complete player and add bunting to your arsenal of baseball tools.

Over the last twenty plus years, Tom Read has been a coach, parent, and a fan of organized baseball. He has shared this experience with his sons and many other players on his teams. Many have gone on to play at the college level.