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Break In a Slowpitch Softball Bat

The bat should be clearly marked on the label, whether it is made of alloy or composite materials. When in doubt ask the person selling you the bat, the type of bat it is. If your bat is composite, it is time to start the break in process. In simple terms, using your bat is the most effective way to break it in, but we will give more detail on how to do this in a way that makes your bat last longer and be more effective sooner. You will need a few things: your new composite softball bat, real softballs (not rubber or softer training balls), another person, a softball field or baseball field and a pitching screen (optional).

To begin, set up the other person sitting on a chair or bucket in front of the pitcher’s mound and behind the pitching screen if they choose to use one. Get the person to underhand, softly toss you pitches over home plate. Use your new softball bat to swing at each pitch. Use about half of your normal swing power with each swing and rotate the bat a quarter of an inch in your hands between each swing. The bat rotation will allow the bat’s barrel to be broken in evenly. If you only hit on one side of the bat during the break in process, then your bat will crack on that side quicker than you would like. Hit fifty to one hundred pitches in this way and rotate your bat barrel between each swing. It is best to focus on contacting the pitch on the composite barrel each time. You may want to take a break or pitch to your partner for the next round of pitches.