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Advantages of Rugby for Children

Rugby like other sports has benefits to the body where it is known to enhance the physical strength and abilities of the children to make them healthy and strong both mentally and physically.

• Increases physical fitness – As the game involves running around the rugby field with a goal to make the rugby ball reach the other end, it improves the fitness of the body. The exercises involved in the training procedure builds the muscles and the growth of the bones to provide their bodies with a better structure while they grow up.

• Improved moral and ethical senses – The game has a rule for itself and thus whether it is a training session or a competitive match, each player is deemed to follow the norms of the game. It involves strict rule maintenance and thus bringing about a strong moral and ethical sense in their minds. They can apply the same in the different tasks that they perform in life whether in the present or the future.

• Develops healthy team spirit – While the players of a rugby team play in unison, it brings about the sense of positive team spirit in them where they understand the value of healthy competition with the other team and the fact that they have to play for their team to make it win.

• The sense of evaluation and concentration – Rugby is a game that requires analysis and assessment while on the field. The player has to evaluate the paths that they need to run down to dodge opponents and reach with the ball to the other side. It increases their sense of concentration at a young age and thus making it come to good use in their academics as well.