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About Volleyball Drills

Cooperative Games

Pepper is a favorite warm-up for volleyball players everywhere. It quite effectively has the players working on passing, setting, and hitting skills. If we expand that beyond 2-3 players and start bringing in more players – up to full 6 v 6 – we can have a very adaptable drill which can be used for warm-ups, to work on all facets of ball-handling, and to focus on certain types of offense and/or defense strategies. Because the idea is to keep the ball in play rather than going for kills, you automatically get longer rallies and thereby more touches for everyone involved, and you do so in game-like situations. And lest the players get too focused on hitting the ball at each other, you can always use a cooperative play to lead into full play or small-side games.

Team Serving & Passing

We all know that good serving and solid passing are the foundations of volleyball success. A simple way to work on these two skills is to split your team in half and have one side serve to the other. What makes this such a useful drill is how you can use scoring and competition to adapt it to different training needs. And you can add follow-up skills such as servers covering a setter dump or the passing team running an offensive play to raise the stakes.